Come Along

Clarkie’s Spitfire for “The 1940s”, 2018

So, you’ve decided you want to join in the fun at Cricket Week, but you’re wondering…

How much does it all cost?
The good news is Cricket Week can be a fairly low-budget holiday.

Players who attend for the whole week pay £35.
Players who only play up to 4 days pay £8 per day – it’s better value to come for the whole week!

If you choose to camp at Colwall CC, a contribution of £5 per person per night is collected to cover water, electricity, toilet rolls, tea, coffee and milk in the bottom pavilion.

You will need money for food and drink either at the club or elsewhere, but otherwise, that’s it!

How do I sign up?
To apply, download the Cricket Week 2022 Application Form, and email the form to cricketweek at hotmail dot co dot uk and complete an online transfer – instructions of where to send the form including our bank details are included on the form. Alternatively you can post your form with a cheque payable to Cricket Week, please contact us for a postal address.

If you can’t find the answer to a question you have on this website, please email cricketweek at hotmail dot co dot uk and we will get back to you (please note, replies may be slightly slower over the winter!)

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